The Benefits: (reasons to join the IMASD)

IMASD Members make money. It's that simple

IMASD Members are currently receiving services, as outlined below.  These services are provided by our individual Members for the benefit of the group.  They are designed to significantly increase your business and lower your overhead.  Combined, they can generate over 1,000,000 advertising impressions each month. IMASD Membership has many benefits and they will vary from time to time, but the current ones listed below are well worth mentioning. (Please note that all these services are provided voluntarily to each other directly by the members themselves, and a quid-pro-quo relationship between IMASD per se, and any individual member(s) does not exist, nor can it exist by definition.  IMASD itself is not an entity, and offers nothing. But IMASD links to one another can help the distribution of these benefits by facilitating communication between one another.  In practice, this means there is no absolute guarantee that any of these services will always be available.  The following is only a report, describing the services members are providing to each other at a particular time.) 
Top IMASD benefits as of September, 2009 (not necessarily in the order of importance).

1) FREE Membership to Forum:

Who's honest?  Who's not so honest?  IMASD Members save themselves bundles by using this message board before doing a deal. One of the IMASD members runs , an internet forum for sharing information that includes which surplus companies are great to work with or bad to work with.

But there's more information there than just the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. You'll find discussions about the best ways to ship across country, for making payments on product, and checking out pallets or merchandise before buying, etc.

2) Exclusive Insider Buying Leads:

IMASD Members get approx. 50 offers a day that outsiders don't see.

There is no doubt that buying is the key to a successful closeout/surplus business. If you can find inventory for much less than others are paying, then selling it becomes the easy part. Finding inventory like this is like finding a needle in a haystack and you have to search it out.

IMASD's approach to this problem is very clever, and it works.

Without giving away all of the secrets, you can be assured that IMASD Members are offered hundreds of deals that outsiders are not privileged to. The really super deals are rare, but these are deals you won't find elsewhere. Good buying leads are worth a bundle and there is no charge for this to IMASD Members.

3) Commercial Web Hosting:

Maybe you already have your own Web site, or maybe you don't, but either way you don't have to pay for one if you are an IMASD Member. IMASD offers Web space at no charge to all active Members. Whether or not you use it is up to you.


4) Hot Sheet Listings:

IMASD refers to its latest inventory listings as the Hot Sheet. The latest 100 IMASD entries are listed on this Hot Sheet and it is posted on the Internet. The Hot Sheet allows a quick look at everything that is newly entered. It is automatically updated the second a new IMASD inventory comes on to the market.


5) Email Ad impressions:

IMASD rents the Liquidation Mailing List Newsletter, which has a subscription base of over 85,000, Each IMASD Member is allowed 3-5 listings on each mailing and the mailings are sent out 4-5 times a month.


6) Instantly Generated Listings:

IMASD Members have only to input (type or paste) a deal one time to have it automatically appear everywhere; in the category finders, the search functions, the mailings, and also on other websites as well that IMASD has no control over. It's very easy. Programming knowledge is not necessary.


7) Dynamically Generated Web Pages (instant updates):

Do you have a Web site that you can update daily with your latest deals? IMASD sets up this service for each and every Member at no charge.


8) Key Word Search and Category Search Engine:

Buyers who are looking for particular types of inventory are urged to explore IMASD's keyword search engine. This works similar to most search engines in that you type in a word on screen, and the server then generates the associated links for you to follow.

IMASD Members who wish to post their listings on this search engine do so automatically. One entry elsewhere, updates a number of Internet postings, allowing the maximum of exposure for the least amount of effort.

9) Customer Lead Forms:

Visitors to your Web site should be encouraged to fill out and submit information to you about their buying needs. Many potential customers will visit your Web site, and they will want to do business with you, but you will lose them if don't have a way of gathering these leads. You should collect contact information, such as the phone, fax, email, etc, so that you let these customers know when you have what they want.


10) The Ring of Success:

An "Internet Ring" or "link exchange" is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your web site, and IMASD uses this formula to the max. Imagine having hundreds of links pointing to your deals?


11) Internet Directories and Search Engines:

There are over a thousand "no cost" directories and search engines on the Net. (The top 20 or so generate more traffic than all the rest put together.) Everyone wants to come up near the top on these directories and for good reason. High placement can be worth thousands of dollars in promotion, so here's the scoop.

Some of the best minds on planet earth are on a continuing quest to rank their clients higher than the competition. The techies who control these directories are continually trying to defeat this manipulation, so the criteria for ranking is in constant flux. Not only that, the criteria differs from one search engine to the next. A high ranking on one directory can penalize you on another. It is a never ending "Battle of the Nerds".

Your Web site can be well represented in this battle, if you have enough money to spend. Or you can join IMASD and be well represented without paying anything. It is done for you as a part of Membership. This is not to say that you won't get a higher ranking by paying someone, but it is to say that IMASD takes the ranking of its Members very seriously.

It is also to say that if you must pay money, IMASD can get you a higher ranking for less, because IMASD can use its collective buying power to help you. After all, this is what IMASD is all about.

(NOTE: Whatever you do, don't use one of those low cost register companies. This can actually hurt you in the rankings.)


12) Publication Advertising:

From time to time, IMASD buys print advertising in trade publications. ASD's Trade News and Closeout News are some examples.


13) On Line Wholesale Dealers Directory:

The IMASD portal features a highly trafficked Internet Directory of Dealers. It links to each IMASD Member web site and makes it easy for customers to find you.


14) Portal:

IMASD has been ranked as one of the largest and most trafficked surplus dealer network in the world, by virtually every independent source and one reason why is portal web site.


15) Non-Profit Elected Government:

Who owns IMASD? Who runs IMASD? You do, if you are an IMASD Member.

IMASD is unique. Do you know of any other democratic, non-profit organization anywhere that is devoted solely to helping your wholesale surplus or closeout business?

16) Membership is a Re-Sellable Asset:

Did you know that if you had joined IMASD early on, the value of your holdings would have quadrupled?

Who would have thought that a re-sale marketplace for IMASD Memberships would have sprung up? It does make sense however, because IMASD Members don't want to surrender a valuable place on the roster without some reasonable compensation.

Some of the Members are even re-thinking the IMASD non-profit structure. Building equity is a great way to make some serious money and an IPO might be in order here. What do you think?

18) Best coverage in the business means more profit for you:

The key to your success is related to the number of potential customers you are able to reach.  The more customers, the better your prices will be.  Whether you are buying or selling, you must advertise to reach these customers.  Advertising costs money, so your profit margin is directly related to how much it costs you to advertise.  In advertising terms this is measured by something called a "CPM" (cost-per-thousand).  In other words, how much it costs to reach 1,000 customers with your message.  IMASD offers the best CPM in the entire closeout, surplus, and liquidation business.  IMASD will help you reach more customers, for less money, than any other marketing venue in the world.  This is why becoming an IMASD Member will help you be more profitable than you are now.

Some of your biggest competitors are proud and profitable IMASD Members.
Why not harness their efforts for your benefit?

If something is a net gain, why not take advantage?   

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